Since 2001 I have worked with kids, top athletes and non-sports people treating and working with all kinds of injuries, traumas and complaints both physical as well as mental.

My Sports and Remedial Therapy is a combination of sports massage therapy, subtle soft tissue and trauma release (based on craniosacral therapy) and specific body work, which has been derived from my long practice, as well as my on-going learning from other therapists and treatments on myself in order to re-establish alignment and a easeful posture.

Depending on the nature of the issue my work, at times, can be very deep, very soft or a mixture of both.

Appointments will be unique depending on the injury, condition or your targets.

It is truly a joy when one can help someone who was in pain for over 30 years and spent ££££ without success an see them pain free!


Muscle or joint pain caused from tight muscles. Muscle-spasm usually caused by injury, work or hard gym work-outs, or even practicing a lot of Hatha Yoga.

Tendonitis e.g. Tennis elbow, Rotator cuff or Achilles tendon pain.

Pulled or strained muscles.

Twisted or sprained ankles or other joints.

Back pain.

Kyphosis (rounding of the upper back), Rounded shoulders.


Any sports or work related injuries.


On the Body: 

Stimulation of the lymphatic system thus aiding in detoxification, reducing waste products which build up in the muscles, therefore easing muscle tension and general aches and pains.

Increases the healing and restoration process of damaged or overworked muscles and tendons.

Prevents injury and loss of mobility by increasing flexibility by helping to break down scar tissue.

Boosts athletic performance and endurance by improving muscle recovery rate.

On the Mind: 

As the body's nervous system is toned, a new sense of relaxation and revitalisation is experienced.

Long term effects of stress and tension are eased and eliminated.

On the Spirit: 

As the body is the vehicle of our consciousness our inner awareness is being heightened, which will give us a deep sense of well being.


Please call: 07855809416 or email

Prices vary depending on the issue...Anything up to 40min. is £35 and up to an hour is £40.

24hrs notice is required for cancellations. All missed appointments without notice are subject to a £15 fee.